Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daily Ramblings

So I am home now. I worked my 2 days. Today was hectic. We use a computer system that is attached to the internet so when the internet went down so did the entire hospital. It was a disaster. But oh well we handled it , and I don't go back to work till Monday next week.

Tommorrow is a relax dat, a chance to get caught up on the ever growing pile of laundry.

Richie I think is on the verge of getting sick. He is barking and coughing sounding like a seal with a croupy cough poor baby boy of mine. Hopefully he doesn't spread his viruses from person to person in the house.

Nicholas is on a roll literally. He is such a ham as happy as can be that he can roll now. But only to his right side though. Still working on rolling to the left. :) He can sit now with help. It's neat to see him see the world sitting up rather than laying on his back.

Gianna is plugging along doing well in school. No complaints or bad notes from the teacher so it can't be too bad huh. She really is a good child no complaints from me. She is still in ballet, and is looking forward to her recital in June.

Big Richie/DH is just looking forward to football this Sunday.