Saturday, January 12, 2008

Richie = Crazy Shopper

ok I went shopping with Big Richie for groceries. We were seriously out of all the stuff we use almost daily. Than we bought more stuff for those rare occasion that we might need it. Like Tempura mix, cake batters, flour , sugar. You get the idea. Than it was on to Costco the mecca of all things big. We purchased big towels, TP, soups, razors. I think I will not have to buy anything for a good long while. Big Richie goes crazy at times. Most times I like to make a list and stick to it. But my hubby the cook likes to veer off the list and we wind up in 250.00 in groceries. Just from one store mind you. That as not including costco. I won't say how much I spent there. Shear craziness.