Monday, January 21, 2008


I want to start off by saying I feel bad for those who come in as a trauma code. I do not wish harm upon others but I need to learn from those who come in. It's an experience trying to figure out what is wrong usually they are not speaking; you play part detective, part inspector searching for what is wrong. Yeah you get a small briefing from the paramedics but ultimately it's up to your team to really find out what happened.

From the minute they hit the table it's on. You see a controlled chaos from people starting IV lines to enuring they have an airway. You see foleys's being placed. Everyone doing a sort of twister in the trauma room. Moving out of the way for xray or for the Dr that needs to intubate the patient. It's really a site to see. I wonder what people think from the outside when they look in. They must think we are horrible. We cut off your clothes stick almost every tube imaginable into you. Breath for you give you fluids sometimes sedate you, but it's all for you to help save your life. I think it's the neatest sp? thing in the world. It all happens seriously in about 15 minutes than whoosh they are wisked away to CT or more xrays etc.

I really love my job today. It was interesting. :)