Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shopping Dilemas

When did shopping become such an event. My Nicholas is now to big for the carrier. Once upon a time I could plop him in the carrier and put Richie in the basket and shop. Things would be piled around Richie's feet or arms but my shopping would get done. I was master of using one basket and getting everything imaginable into a 2x2 space it seemed. While Richie spread his legs over my broccoli, used my bread as a pillow or stacked cans just to watch them fall.

Well I am in shopping limbo now. Nicholas the little buddha is to small to sit on his own in the basket. He does a ganster lean to one side or the other. So I broke out with the double stroller. Thankfuly Big Richie was there to help. So off to Costco we went.

Big items later we made it through no problems. Who knows what is going to happen when I need to shop alone though. Baby Hawk here we come.