Thursday, January 10, 2008

My thoughts on motherhood

Lately I have been a crazed woman. I think I am super woman at times trying to juggle work, motherhood, and this business thing.

I am convinced that all kids need to whine. Mine especially between the hours of 7 am till 10 pm. When they are not whining they are yelling or talking really loud. Loud enough to wake the dead , or a Nicholas that barely fell asleep.

I know for a fact that when you want to have some alone time with your hubby, your kids have an intuition to not sleep they are like little people on no doze. They will stay up later than you. You'll fall asleep long before they do.

I am amazed that a 5 month old can last off of three, 10 minute cat naps. And he still finds the time to wake up 3 times per night.

When you need to go somewhere and are finally dressed that is my kids que to spit up on you or spill his drink on you too.

My daughter will not get her fashion tips from any bratz or barbies.

My kids will always ask for something when we go to the store even though 5 minutes ago in the car I told them they weren't getting anything so don't ask.

That I will waste precious hours of my life trying to find missing socks that the dryer ate.

That I miss my ab's my butt and my boobs. Once upon a time they were firm and where they are suppose to be. Someday with the love of a good plastic surgeon they will be back to their glory days.

That is enough for now. I have more to say but the kids ran off with my brain. I have a short attention span now.