Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tantrum a la mode

So I should have known tried to do something nice as a family, and whamo a super tantrum commenced in Chili's. Thought the people around us were killing us with dagger eyes. Of course we take our children out to greet those coming in with his tantrum-ness. But this was a tatrum fuled with I want my corn dog being yelled as loud as a 2 yr. old can. Along with I want my juice.

Sometimes it's so stressful eating out. Oh and Nicholas is big now he thinks. He wants to pull grab and gnaw on everything he can reach. So when my plate came he decided to grab the sauce, the fork, and proceed to knock over the sauce with the fork. That was fun.To top it off he decided to spit up on me for good measure. Leaving spots on my pants that suspicously look like I wet myself.

Oh the joys of motherood. Think I will order in from now on.


DomandGabesmom said...

and THAT is exactly why we don't go out to eat anymore! I'm glad you survived!

The Bristow School said...

Sounds like a really fun time! LOL! I have no idea if Ian would behave since we can't eat out, but I imagine we might have similar results. Better luck next time!