Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Emergency Nursing

So I was working the last 2 days. I can honestly saw I enjoy work. At times it can get crazy but I feel I learn something almost everyday. I once considered going to the ICU but feel now is not the time. I can't commit to the orientation schedule at this time.

Did I always know I wanted to be a nurse No. I originally wanted to be a Dr. When I was younger and didn't know better. Well some where along the way I changed my mind and took the nursing path I have never looked back. I have been a nurse almost 3 years now. I still consider myself very green. I have the thought when you stop learning you need to leave nursing. To me there is always something new to learn.

Someday I want to be confident in myself and my nursing abilities. I think I take care of my patients well never have had any complaints but I feel I could do more for my patients. So I am going to continue to learn, and grow.