Tuesday, September 2, 2008

30th Anniversary

Richie's appetizers. That what was left. He made shrimp, crab salad and placed it in the tomatoes and onions. The he made asparagus wrapped in some sort of meat.
Family to visit. Don't mind the gigantic butt load of toys in the corner.
More family shots.
My Tia Sheesh and Nicholas.
My cousin with her baby girl. She is such a happy baby.


Mindi said...

just catching up after being gone for a long weekend--the anniversh looks like it was wonderful!

how neat that you all could be together for that--here's to you and i both hitting 30 years! (a long, LONG time from now.....)

Rachel said...

Wow, can your DH cook!?!

Looks like a blast! Love the pics.

BiBi said...

Great Pics! Beautiful Family Ida!