Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I may have said at work Part Duex!

ok I am throwing this out there. This is stuff I may have thought or said at work.

- YOU have a rash where? (as I lift folds of skin to inspect said rash)
- Did I just see a tick come out of there?
- Is slapping a patient considered a medical intervention?
- NO I can not give you anymore medication. I am giving you an amount that could kill a horse.
- Dr go get me some tea! Stat! ( I am especially fond of Earl Gray Tea lately)
- No you don't want to see that. It can scare small children!
- Don't make me charge nurse you all will be sorry,
- Did that med knock her out yet?
- Is anyone else working today or am I the only one?
- Throwing yourself on the floor is not gonna help your condition.


BiBi said...

The 1st 2 are gross!!

Rachel said...

LOVIN' it! Wanna hear a few from my weekend?

-Wow! I hope that was just air?! (spoken as the unconscious person on a vent let out the longest fart in history!)
-You want me to bolus the lady in fulminant pulmonary edema?!? ('nuff said)
-Um, Cindy. Can you come hold some labia for me (trying to cath a rather large female with little success)?
-Don't move, I can see your urethra! (Spoken as Cindy held the labia- and rolls- back with both hands)
-Can somebody throw me some milk of amnesia in here? (when the propofol drip was nearly empty)
-Hmm, that medicine wasn't on your allergy list before I told you it wasn't a narcotic.
-Hey doc, the patient in 3 wants some Phenergan with her Demerol so she doesn't throw up the sticky bun she's in there eating.

Ahhhh, life in the ER.

Tiburon said...

Oh my gosh! YOU kill me!!! I need to get a job in the ER so I can do these posts now :)