Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Busy

Of course this week will have it's up's and downs. I work tomorrow with the Dr giving some IV's in the office. Plus I have a doctor's appt. No working on Wed. or Thurs. woohoo. I am debating going to Mops. They have all new officers this year that should be interesting. I am all for woman's groups but even a Christian woman's group can have it's catty-ness. Is that even a word who knows but it can.

I have been working out again faithfully. My goal is to lose the last 10 lbs by Nov. I have a wedding to go to. And my vain-ness won't let me look crappy in a dress. I am debating doing a race again. Maybe it will motivate me to get my rear in gear again. We'll see though.

ok off to find more interesting things to blog about.


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Rachel said...

WTG on the working out! I SO need to do it too. Maybe if I get my head above water again I'll get back on track. Right now I'm just surviving.

Rachel said...

And BTW- GO to MOPS! :) It rocks. Well, my MOPS rocks. (Nevermind that I'm on leadership! *giggle*)