Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dress Up!

Richie and Gianna found these aviator shades so a dress up session began. Richie the rogue agent.
Gianna pretending way to early to be a teenager on the phone.
Nicholas was all knocked out. Too much excitement for him. He crashed out in his chair the poor little guy.
oh and one from the other day. My mole is coming back Richie and I can be twins again.


Rachel said...

they are TOO cute!

Dani said...

OH LOVE the glasses!!!

Angie said...

Such cute kids! I love the aviators! Looks like you have got lots going on with your sidebar calendar! Have fun with it all!

BiBi said...

Ditto nice glasses!
They look very nice on both R & G!
Nicholas is too cute!
& I see the mole woohoo!