Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I love! Food Edition

Everyone knows I am a freaky deak when it comes to cupcakes. I have blogged about Sprinkles before. We waited in line for these coveted cupcakes. They are so yummy. I bet I could eat 3 all by myself right out of the box. I am a freak I know.

Again one of my many weakness is these chocolate squares. Yes I can eat them all by myself in one sitting in about 20 minutes that's if I pace myself.

This next place is in San Diego. I highly suggest going there if you are ever in town. They have the most beautiful desserts on the planet. I mean they put fresh flowers, gold flakes, ribbons on the cakes. They are really a beautiful thing, well that is until you get the bill. Be prepared to drop a 50 note on dessert. But it's so worth it.

This one may not look too appetizing but oh boy it is. I love L&L Hawaiian BBQ. It's so yummy I love the salad it comes with. I have searched high and low all through California. I now know where this spot is when I need a fix. Above is the Katsu Chicken. Very Very good. Take an antacid you'll need it.
Last but certainly not least is Leonard's Bakery in Hawaii. It's a main staple of Oahu you must go there and get a donut. They are so yummy and sugary. It's like a diabetic coma waiting to happen.

I am a nut about foods right now. I start to cherish these foods when I am on a diet. And since I am dieting yet again, I must live out my food fantasies through pictures.LOL


Angie said...

Now you've done it!! YOu've got those crazy little monsters in my body and mind that want to go much on the juck food going!! Shame on you Ida!

Angie said...

p.s. I wish I would read my comments before I hit send! Much means munch and juck means junk!! Maybe I should start my own dictionary!

Rachel said...

MMmmmmm - you are making me hungry!