Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things I may have said at work!

OK this is a spin off of Tiburon's thread of things she may or may not have said this week.

Well working in the ER I get to say well something different things like....

How fast was the car going when you jumped out?

Oh your back I have seen you 4 times this week. How can I help you today?

Oh that looks bad.

A little tylenol never hurt anyone?

Don't put things in your nose or ears. OK!

You called the ambulance for a hurt foot?

You jumped from a 15 foot fence. Nice!

No I can not give you anymore pain med's.

No I am sorry this is not a restaurant I can't order off a menu for you. This is all they sent. Sorry.


Tiburon said...

My new favorite post! LOVE IT!!!!

Rachel said...

Ahhh, isn't it grand?!

I have always said I should collect these things- it would make a hilarious book!

Like: "No, you can not have something to drink. You just puked on my shoe."

BiBi said...

"Don't put things in your nose or ears. OK!"

I said this same thing this week when Isaac found some beads and tried sticking them in his ear - ugh!