Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dirt Heaven

We went to my Tia Sheesh's house yesterday. We were not planning to go but decided to go visit for a bit. When we got there Richie's eyes almost popped out he saw his favorite thing, a tractor. And to top it off his tata my dad was driving it. You should have heard him he was screaming before we even got out of the car Tata Tata drving tractor.

So we got off the truck, he ran to the field. My dad was helping out clean the back field and back lot. My aunt bought the house last year and have been fixing up the country home. Richie was in heaven he got to ride in the tractor. He got a ride slowly of course on the quad they have. He played in the dirt threw rocks played on the swings. All the things lil boys are suppose to do. Get dirty and have fun.

Wish I had my camera he just had a good time. I wish we had a home in the country. Maybe when the housing markets gets better we will sell and build in the country. Thanks Tia Sheesh