Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lovely just Lovely

Since I have been all lovey about the boys now is the time for Gianna. My Gianna she is becoming such a young woman. Now she must take after her mother. I was 7 years old when I learned to ride a bike with no training wheels. Yes call me late bloomer. But my Gianna is the same.

I guess we both know what happens when you fall down. So this past month she finally learned to ride a bike on her own. She now is asking for a cool new beach cruiser like her friend Yasmin.

I have to also gloat that Gianna took the most beautiful pictures. Usually I am not at all pleased by pictures from school. But this year she turned out great. She is alittle shy about not having her two front teeth so she didn't really smile smile but she looks so pretty just the same.

My Gianna also knows how to work her Grandma. She has asked for a vespa like scooter. Let's see if she gets it.