Thursday, February 7, 2008

Purse stalking

So since this is the house of the enfermed. I have been internet shopping or making my wish list. Did I ever tell you I am a purse freak. I mean I love purses. I look at them in the catalogs, on the internet stalk those who walk by me with one I want. I have purse goals. Like when I get to my goal weight I intend on rewarding myself with a purse. Yeah it's an obession.

I saw a purse last weekend a beautiful burberry one. I tried looking for it on the internet with no luck sadly. So I have been wishing an hoping for some choice ones.

I am such a freak I took a picture of all my purses for insurance purposes, but also so you all can admire my purses as much as I love them.

yes my name is Ida, and I am an addict.