Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Richie my lil heartbreaker

I am so happy I can say that I raised a little boy with manners. Yes my lil Richie can be moody. If you know Richie you know he's a moody little man.

But on the best of days he has the best manners a little 2 year old can possess. He greets me when I come home with a MOOOOMYYYY! And comes running up to me. It melts my heart to no end. Like tonight he was asleep when I came home. So when he woke I was there. He was all lovey and let me hold him give him kisses and let me have that one on one time with him. I cherish those moments.

Usually my little 2 year old is busy and he'll tell you I'm busy. But tonight he wasn't. He said thank you when I gave him water. He kissed his brother good night. He said thank you when I took him to the potty. He was being the perfect little man. Heck he even said "cuse me" when he farted. LOL.

I lub that little guy.