Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make out session

Yes I am not too old to have a make out session. But it's with Nicholas. Now now don't think I am some sort of perve. But in the mornings when Nicholas wakes. He greets me with the biggest toothless grin you will ever see. OH I love mornings. He rolls over to me in bed (we co-sleep) He of course wants a hug which of course I give him.

Than I shower him with kisses. He smiles coos and loves it. I love that he lets me hug on him. I love that he lets me kiss on him and doesn't pull away. I love that he's a little ball of warmth in the am.

I love it all.

I am sure I will bea whimp and be one of those moms that cries when I can't do this anymore. Until than we will have our make out sessions in the am.