Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dowdy Mom or Stylish Mom

When is the time to start dressing like a "mom". I am 28 gonna be 29 soon. I had the conversation with my best friend about clothing. She is more daring than I loves the trendy clothes. Always looking cute and make up TDF. She also metioned that she will probably be that mom still dressing in the juniors department when she is 40. Gotta love her. I on the other hand am more classic in my styling.

OK call it boring and safe. The jeans , t-shirts, khakis, you get the idea. But I do love clothes as well. I am not as adventurous though. I guess I am on the dowdy end of dressing. I do my make-up and hair wear heels at times but I am not fierce in my clothing choices. At work is even worse scrubs and dansko shoes for comfort. Nothing revealing or tight that would be unprofessional.

I am jealous of those who can dress how they please. The old lady in the stores wearing thigh high boots make up like she's going clubbin and shirts cut down to there. ok Maybe she wasn't old but she could have shopped in the misses department.

I need fashion help. I am at a pase on what to do dress the "mom " part or be more daring. I don't want to go to frumpland already. I will go kicking and screaming to frumpland.

I still want to be young looking and cute. Yeah call me vain, but I do. I don't want to grow up yet.

So unless my daughter says other wise I think I will still shop the juniors dept. In all it's glory. I will wear heels with jeans. I will wear my make up just to go to the market.

Heck I will wear my heels to go the the park!