Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paranoid Mama

So once again I mention Nicholas is sick. I am a nurse I see sick kids all the time. But I also know my own children. I have been vomited on so many times over the last few nights, had to change so many poopy diarrhea diapers. Been spit on covered in any and all medication I have given him. Yes he is little but he has a good aim when it comes to spitting up his medicne . So last night he started to wheeze than again he was breathing like a little wind up toy wee wee wee. So I thought enough is enough I will take him back to the ER. We had just been there Tuesday. Placed on med's the whole nine yards.

Well I go back today. The Dr listens to his lungs of course they are clear now. Not a wheeze to be heard. He is all smiles and happy to see everyone. Although last night he was flat as a pancake. Of course he is cool now since I medicated him with tylenol.

So basically I end up looking like a paranoid mama rushing her child to the ER. No I wasn't paranoid, they didn't hear the seal of a kid I had with his croupy cough. So to make this paranoid mama shut up I was given prelone to open his lungs. And to continue all the other med's phew .

Here's to a vomit free night!