Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today I am thankful for

1. free healthcare, I visited the ER twice this week. It clearly could have been over 100.00 co-pays just for walking in but the ER doctors saw us on the side. For that I am grrateful.

2. My aunt who watches the children. She only speaks spanish and sometimes we have a language barrier. But that woman is the kindest person and treats my children as if they were her own.

3. Sillyness qoute from my godchild when asked if the neighborhood stray dog was a boy dog or a girl dog. His words "um it's a boy dog, we have the same color eyes." haha he makes me laugh.

4. Being a nurse, I am able to care for my children and be confident in my skills.

5. A raise sort of. I am finally in a per diem spot which brought me almost a whole 2 dollar raise when I changed positions. Now I pick and choose my days to work. I love that!

6. A hard working hubby. He is making both truck payments lately which is a burden off of my shoulders which allows me to stay home more often and not have to worry about working to pay the bills.