Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Pin Up pics!

I finally got them back I not happy with all of them. Frankly it's funny to see me try to make these faces she wanted me to. But for the most part I liked most of them. I don't want your eyes to burn there is no nudity but some fun pics that I don't want to post here if you really want to see them all click here.


Rachel said...

OMG Ida! Those are so much FUN!
And I am SO jealous of your skinny thighs... and your skinny you! Wow, girlie! You look amazing!

Sara said...

I LOVE them! That red bathing suit is adorable and you are hot!

bunny said...

Those are really nice! I love the 2nd one best!! :) Great pics!

No Cool Story said...

The photo booth (#10) is my favorite! :)