Monday, December 8, 2008

Things I do at Christmas

I do a lot of baking at Christmas. I bake breads, and cookies. I love decorating them and giving them to my neighbors. I love wrapping them up all cute, and handing them out.

I am pressed for time this year. I need to start baking now so I can get a move on it. I think as always work is getting in my way.

I am also in search of a cute advent candle holder. I can not find one in our little town. I know it's too late for this advent season. So maybe I will find one after Christmas on sale online. If you know me you know I love a good deal.

This year with ballet Gianna has 2 performances. One on a float waving at the crowd, then a performance at the city tree lighting ceremony. The other is at Christmas in a small town. Hundreds of vendors take their crafts, goodies, and foods to sell at the festival. It seems everyone comes out of the wood work, and you see people you haven't seen in years.

In addition we have 2 Christmas parties this year. The ER party this Friday where everyone always has a good time. Lot's of food lot's of drink, dancing just a good ol' time. Of course I won't be drinking but it sure is funny to see other people drunk. LOL The other party is the big hospital party. Of course hubby will wear a suit, me a dress. The big wigs of the hospital will be there it should be fun. I hope.

So you can see this month is a busy one. I hope I will survive.