Friday, December 5, 2008

The shock the disbelief!

Can you believe it I have always said never make me in charge in the ER, well that day finally came. Who am I kidding I knew it would happen someday. Not saying that in a boastful way it was scheduled already. ;)

It happened we all survived. Although it was super duper busy. I had a sick call, and was short staffed to begin with. Then people tell me they had to leave early phew. But we survived. I had a CPR in progress. Lot's of people holding to be admitted and more then 13 people waiting outside at all times.

But I learned I survived everyone had their breaks and I did not lose all my hair. But most important I didn't yell. LOL

On to next time.


Rachel said...

Phew! Glad it went okay. I always end up with the craziness when I'm in charge! LOL