Friday, October 3, 2008

Crazy hair

Clearly not my children but what are your thoughts about your kids hair? I have a mohawk on Richie right now. This is his 2nd mohawk. I don't mind him having a mohawk. Thoughts? Do you let your kids have hair their way?


Anonymous said...

From a midwestern fat old farm boy...LOL A MOHAWK!?!??!?
Thats SSSOOOOOO Hispanic. Mohawks were popular in the late 50's and early 60's due to a tv show about Davy Crockett. It was in response to Crockett's Native American sidekick...and was roundly vilified by all of the anti-racist liberals.
Those of us that lived through that look at all you young pups with chagrin.


BiBi said...

Maybe not the whole shaving thing for the mohawk, but yes on the pointy mohawk style up on top kwim? Oscar used to have it.
He asked if he can wear a mohawk to school Monday again LOL!
I'm not too ok with the hair dying for boys - especially those crazy colors like the pic of those silly boys you posted hee hee!

Tiburon said...

I figure if my kids dying their hair is the worst trouble they are going to get in - then it is fine by me!

Rachel said...

I was actually "adventurous" for me and spiked my little dudes hair up with gel the other day. I thought he looked KILLER cute... but DH thought it looked silly.
Who knows... we'll see when he gets a little older what kind of style he wants.

Quinault said...

Ollie's first haircut will be either a topknot or mohawk Iroquois style. And any single process color is fine with me. But if it requires bleach they have to wait until they are at least in their teens. Bleach on a childs hair is not real reliable.