Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things you should know: free goodies.

The lovely Tiburon my blogging gal whom I have stolen plenty ol blogging ideas from is doing her 1000th post give away. A free you heard me free Ipod shuffle. Don't cha want this little bad boy to rock out on. Go on over to her blog and leave a comment.

Mindi over at Word to you Mother is doing a great blog give away. Go on over check it out leave a comment and possibly win some free stuff. That turkey wants to come over to your house.

Someday I will do a blog give away. Just not now.


Mindi said...

thanks lady!! did you leave a comment twice? make sure you do!

Tiburon said...

You rock the house! THanks for the shout out :)

Trisha said...

Am I dumb? I can't find Tib's giveaway post.