Friday, October 3, 2008

Glamping= Camping in Style

Once upon a time, when Richie and I were still dating we went camping with 2 other couples. We went to the Julian mountains. We loaded up all the treats jello shooters, steaks, drinks, tents etc. We had every intention of staying out there. Richie was so excited, I was just happy to be there. I was the good lil girlfriend type. Anyways, we are driving there, the skies begun to get black. We finally got to the campsite it starts to rain.

We went down the road all of us couples, and decided to rent a room yes all of us in one room till the rain let up. Who can set up a tent in the rain? So there we are cooking steaks on the smallest hiabchi known to man. The rain finally let up we went to camp. So there we are the rains came back which is so cold so it turned to hail. So we are being plummeted by teeny tiny ice bombs. It was horrible. We have not camped since.

But he does talk of camping. I told him I would camp if we could go here. El Capitan Camping.
Talk about posh camping or glamping as they call it. Glamour camping, complete with room service, they can prepare your meals or you can bring your own food. Spa, shows, activities, hot showers my kind of camping!

OH yeah I think I could camp now.


Mindi said...

oh, ida!!! i knew we were soul sistahs--this is the ONLY way to go!! i am gonna go to their website now. and tell russ that if he wants to try it again....

BiBi said...

Ohh Yeah! I would definitely go there!

Rachel said...

ummmm, now THAT I could handle! Looks like a second honeymoon to me! ;)