Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag your it!

Tiburon threw this tag out on her blog I decided to play along.

Random facts.
1. I am a worry wart. I usually let things get to me. I worry about a lot of stuff. When I was in elementary school, I had an ulcer. It was horrible.

2. I let my kids fight. I know I should always break them up but sometimes I just let them go.

3. I hate my body. I hate what gaining 64 lbs did to it. :(

4. I have so many gray hairs it isn't even funny. I have to color it every 4 - 6 weeks or else I look wicked.

5. I want to punch some of the people at my work some days. I think I could do it and run away really fast.

6. I have a collection of crosses on my stair well. It's my thing. I have received crosses from every where. I love them .

7. I watch UFC way too much to where I know the people's names. It's ridiculous.

Four and Four

I am supposed to go to my picture folder and open the fourth folder and then open the fourth picture and talk about it.
The picture is from my 10th year reunion that I did not attend. I had barely had Nicholas, and my vainess kept me from going since I was sporting a serious baby bulge. But I recieved this picture. In it are Kami, Andy, and Kristy.

The 2 girls were my good friends in elementary school. The boy is who I was suppose to marry when your parents were deciding your futures. LOL
I kissed him once , but that was all. I miss all 3 of those people. Especially the middle one. :)

I tag Belinda, Dani, Sara, Diane, and Rachel.


Angie said...

I love learning more about you! I hear you on the gray hair! I'm surrounded!

Rachel said...

Oh no! I've been tagged. Too bad nobody can see mine *giggles*

Tiburon said...

Love it! I know so much about you now :)