Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please to Enjoy!

Please tell me the dress shrank on the way in to the church! If not Lord help us all.

For me I need this watch doggie for my fridge.

I so would beat my kids. Would you call CPS on me? I hope not!

For my girls who love a good sale.


Angie said...

That dress is the most interesting I've seen! I'm not sure what will happen when she turns to look behind her or especially when she bends over to pick up her napkin. I can only imagine!

Mother Goose said...

oh lawdy marcy, i know she bought that dress that way! I think she has it glued to her boobs.

BiBi said...

That dress is really ... something else! YUCK!

"No deja nada para la imaginacion" hee hee