Friday, March 6, 2009

And that is why I am tired.

Let me explain my routine when I work. I know there is some people out there with worse off situations than me. But this is why I am tired all the time it seems.

My routine begins the night before.

I lay out the clothes for Richie, and myself. Iron my uniform if needed.
I get Nicholas's clothes and put them in a bag along with diapers wipes, snacks, sippy cups, and shoes. Also some small toys.

In the morning of my work day I get up at 5:30 get myself dressed curl my hair, makeup and get my lunch bag together. 2 bottles water my snacks for work usually cheese or almonds etc.
Usually it's 6:00 by no so I wake up Gianna, and Richie. G gets herself dressed. I dress Richie brush teeth find his shoes, jacket etc.

Come down stairs get all the bags load them in the truck. Total usually 5 bags.
Start the truck so it's nice an warm for the kids.

Go back upstairs. Get Nicholas change his night time diaper. Put a beenie on him a jacket wrap him up, and head out the door.

Now the home stretch. Drop off G at my mom's house. Drop off Nicholas at the sitters. Get all his bags out switch the car seat to her car. Get back in my car drop off Richie at preschool check him in.

Go around the block to work, and clock in for the day. All this by 6:45 am. We are usually a well oiled machine on my work days. Just typing this out makes me tired.



BiBi said...

That sounds like too much!

Mother Goose said...

oh my! reading it has me exhausted

Becca said...

I hear you... I just love the picture!


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tiburon said...

I am exhausted just reading that!