Monday, March 30, 2009

Love this dress.

I bought this dress at Charlotte Russe. I think I blogged about it earlier. Well here it is on. I love the pattern so much. I wore it to church. Don't mind the toys in the back ground. When I have to take a picture of myself. I have to set the timer and run over to take the picture. Someday I will get another tripod. The kids stole the last one.


BiBi said...

hahaha! I can imagine you setting the timer and running, I've done the same thing lol!
And I LOVE that dress!! Looks really nice on you!
I have never been to that store, my cousin bough her dress there too(that I loved too!), I should check it out one day ;)

Mother Goose said...

you look great in that dress and by the way love the shoes!