Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making a kids library?

Not my kids but I love to see kids reading. We have a cute little book collection at our house but want to add to it. Gianna has read and reread most of her books. So I am looking to add some new ones. Thankfully the generic ones I can pass on to read to the boys. I dont' think they want to read about princess and girl stuff though. So those we may get rid of. How do you collect books do you buy them. Go to the library only or do a book swap?


Virginia said...

Paperback Swap dude!

Join our book club and swap used books for FREE - PaperBackSwap.com

Quinault said...

The library up here has a book sale every year. And I go to the used book stores. But then since we homeschool we are SWIMMING in books.

BiBi said...

I collected a little library for Oscar when he was very very little.
He's already read and reread those books too!
Thankfully Ice can use them next, that's why I haven't gotten rid of them yet.
Oscar is into bigger books now, so he gets a book every time we go to the mall.
I like to see little kids into book too!