Monday, March 30, 2009

Fireman's Ball

This is me and the Mr. I hate that I have a funky spot on the picture but oh well.
Darin and Yvonne he also works in the ER. They look so cute together and she didn't even want to come out to the Ball.

I was laughing at this quilt don't get me wrong it was made beautifully but the fabric had me laughing. For one I know none firefighters who look like that much less pose like that. But whatever in the live auction it went for 180.00 an eye popping amount. And no I didn't bid on it.

I did however bid and won on Lego Land tickets. Burn institute gets money I get tickets, and the tax write off. woot woot


BiBi said...

Ya'll look so cute! =)

and Nice fabric! I would love to get a piece of that lol! j/k!! ha!

tiburon said...

Hubba Hubba!

Mother Goose said...