Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Haul Today!

I was called off of work today. I was on call till 3 pm. That's the burden of ICU not enough patients they put you on call. So I went shopping.

Earrings from Torrid plus hair clips. The big gold ones are from Avon. I love Torrid for the accessories. And today they had a clearance sale. woohoo!

I got a dress from Charlotte Russe and 2 cute shirts. Grand total under $55.00 Love it.

Yeah the dress is busy but I like it. :)


Katie said...

Nice haul. Those colors will look great on you.

BiBi said...

Girl, you know I have those AVON earring don't you? I LOVE them!!!!! We have the same taste LOL!
and the dress I LOVE!!!! We need to see pics when you have it on! Really nice fabric!

Mother Goose said...

ok, you are a tiny little thing!
::I hate you:: but I secretly wanna be you!

ps. I really don't hate you.

Rachel said...

ahhhh, nothing like a little retail therapy! :)