Monday, March 9, 2009

Life in the ICU

I amazed by the family members just when I think they are rude, and sometimes questioning my every move they surprise me and tell me I am doing a really good job with their mother or father. That makes me feel good. I wanna be a good nurse to these patients, even though at times I may get annoyed by the families. My annoyance stems from having to explain the condition over and over to the sister, the brother, the daughter in law, the cousin from out of town, and the uncle. Sometimes I think there needs to be one head chief of information in the family. And that person should be the phone tree to let the others know. And NO I can not give you information over the phone.

The good thing and the bad is I get to know the physicians better. I mean on any given day. I have to talk with the respiratory guy, the CT tech, the lab, the echo guy, the infectious disease Dr. the pulmonologist, the internist, and usually the renal, and cardiac Dr's. Yeah and I usually have to explain the condition to all of thee above at any given moment. Thank god we don't have residents or are a teaching hospital. Then I would have a bunch of residents running around too.