Monday, March 2, 2009

New & Old Toys

Umm do you think my kids have too many toys? Yeah I know that chest is about to burst. That is one of two that was made by my grandfather. The other one is in the boys room.
This is the rocking horse that he made Gianna when she was little. She could get across the room with that horse. Now the boys use it.
And the new horsies. The radio flyer was courtesy of Costco the last one they had. The little zebra not a horse but Nicholas loves it.

And yeah I still have no furniture in my living room. But I am cool with it.


tiburon said...

LOVE that Radio Flyer horse! And the wooden one is super cute too.

We have way too many toys too. I think they multiply at night...

BiBi said...

I spotted the hulk LOL!
I hate toy clutter!

Mother Goose said...

they will soon grow out of toys and you will have your living room back!