Monday, March 2, 2009

OH NO! Bills

Yes it's OH NO here! In order to get my finances in check I will be letting go my housekeeper. BOO HOOO! I changed my phone plans. Who needs so much on your home phone when I make most of my calls on the good old cell phone.

I called those pesky credit cards and told them I am tired of them, and want to pay off my bill asap. So they should try to help me out and give me a better rate. They're answer was well you are in good standing so I can't change your rate. So if I get this straight those who want to pay off their bills and be responsible will get NO HELP at all. But those who default can get some help. WTH!

So they suck in general. Thank you economy you are not the best. I am trying to be good here I really am. I don't want to be one who calls it a day and claims bankruptcy but damn help a girl out.

No I am not gonna claim it we are OK, but makes you think huh?


Mother Goose said...

i know! We will not claim either one, it ruins your credit for too many years after. It doesn't make it worth it to claim. It's just another easy solution and we all know that easy solutions don't work! Look at the diet market