Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is this stinky?

I had a flower in my hair yesterday. Yes I wear flowers in my hair at times. Yes I am twelve anyways. I was driving in the car to target jabbering away with Richie and he told me "It was stinky".

I said say what? Yeah mom your flower is stinky.

Thanks Richie I love you too.


BiBi said...

hahah kids can say the silliest things when they see different things on their mommies...
Oscar always comments on my hair when I straighten it...
Ice just asked me right now if I was trying to be Mrs. Incredible LOL!

I think it looks cute!
You look skinny in this pic, I dunno why you call yourself fat woman!

Mother Goose said...

polynessians always wear flowers in their hair. just say you are hawaiian.