Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand Total $3980.00

Yeah that was the grand total to get the first phase of Gianna's braces. I can't imagine! She needs a two phase treatment. So that price is the beginning price.

I told Gianna jokingly well sort of that she would be picking up cans, and saving her birthday money. LOL And since our dental insurance does not cover orthodontics we are screwed.

I never had braces. I needed them and now I want them. But of course it's too late so we will find some money make payments or whatever so she can have them.


tiburon said...

Eek! We have that to look foward to too!

BiBi said...

:ditto: We do too!

I hope to be done with the car and truck payment before we get into this with Oscar!

I had braces and HATED them! Too expensive too! Luckily my dad's insurance did cover some of the orthodontics visits I had!