Saturday, July 26, 2008

Conversations with Hubby,

So here is a glimpse in to the inner workings of our marriage.

Me: (trying to hold hubby's hand at home on the couch) Babe your hands are super smooth. (me laughing hysterically) I think your hands are smoother then mine.

Richie: ha ha Why are you making fun of my nice luxurious hands?

Me: Not even a callous nothing?

Richie: Well it's not like I use them for anything.

I laugh at my hubby he does have really soft hands it's almost scary. It's not like his hands are used for working outside.

Another glimpse in to us.

I worry about my hubby. He really is more creative then me. I call him the chick in our marriage. When someone wants cooking advice they call him. He can decorate, paint, cook. His closet is way more organized and just plain prettier then mine. Mine looks like the clothes blew up. His looks like a gap store. Complete with matching colors. Shirts folded in perfect rectangles. He worries me oh yes he does.

Let's just say today he made a quiche and took that to work. I am sure everyone will oooh and ahhh over his cooking abilities.

OH yes he worries me.