Monday, July 7, 2008

My Favorite Monday

Today's is easy it's your favorite dessert. Mine has to be lemon meringue pie. It's really the only pie I do eat. Oh how I love it so. I am not too much of a pie person, but if someone has lemon meringue around I can not help myself.To top it off, costco has 4 lemon tarts for 9.99 right now. They are so yummy go pick some up today.


Mindi said...

i would LOVE to see you at joel mchale in vegas!!! we aren't staying overnight that trip, just down and back, but we could hook up for dinner before the show if you wanted--we've got about 14 peeps going and it would be the more the merrier!! let me know what you are

Tiburon said...

mmmmm LOVE LEMON!!! :)

If you guys get to meet up - I am going to cry. I still haven't met Ida in person yet!!!