Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I have learned in the kitchen!

Things I have learned in the kitchen FINALLY!

Everyone in my family knows that Richie is the cook. But I am a pretty good baker. So we make a good team.

Things I learned is..

Always cut your brownies with a plastic knife. Don't believe me try it. They will cut perfectly every time.

Always take your cookies out a minute or two early. They'll still cook on the baking sheet.

Let your cake completely cool before trying to take them out of the pans. I have learned that one the hard way. Plenty a cake was lost to me being impatient.

Water and flour make glue when you are in bind and need glue.

If you are crazy organizer. Organize your shelves so that everything faces labels out and stack them. Then it's easy to know when you are low on something. Quick way to make the shopping list.

The dishwasher is your best friend.

Pouring ice down the disposer sharpens the blades.

I am sure there is more. But I can't think about them all.


Mindi said...

things i've learned in the kitchen: have my sister bake everything.

the end.