Saturday, July 26, 2008

What do Mandy Moore & I have in common?

Our love for the UFC fighters. It's my guilty pleasure. I watch with my hubby all the fights. I know most not all of the fighters. I watch The ultimate fighter on Spike.

I know I know it's so barbaric. But I can't help myself. I love watching the fights. It's one of the fastest growing sports. Well if you can call it a sport. I use to be a big boxing fan too. But now I am turned on to UFC there is no going back.

Someday I want to surprise my hubby by taking him to a fight in Vegas. I am sure he would love it. Now I need to find a fight he really wants to see.


Mindi said...

our friends are HUGE FANS, and the hubby does jujitsu. when we were in hawaii, vandalay silva (i know i slaughtered that. sorry.) was staying there. we saw him at the pool 3 times!

Professor Joe said...

Ya, well, Mandy is superbeautiful and supertalented, and she's slowly pulling herself out of that Ryan Adams lookalike phase to look like her normal self again, so us UFC fans are in luck. She might wrestle or something as her own private activity. You never know.

Quinault said...

I am a huge fan of UFC also. I have been watching for years.