Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are home!

We are back from our action packed 3 days in San Diego.

Monday we left really late checked in, then proceeded to make it on over to my favorite sushi buffet place. Then I had to stop at the Nordstrom Rack for school clothes for Gianna. She picked out a bag for school as well. I'll have to post a pic of it later. Very big girl bag she has there. Back to the hotel we went.

Tuesday was hell! We checked in early they got us situated for Richie then whamo he injects him with the medication to make him sleepy. It was ketamine/versed combo. My poor child was out of it in no time. It was so scary though. He looked like he was in a coma eyes open but unable to talk. His words were mom , mom , mom then he went quiet. I cried of course. I have used the medication on patients but not my own baby. So they take him back start to work on his teeth. The very nice dentist come out and gives us updates here and there. Then he says OK he's done but he's still sleeping. 30 minutes rolls by nothing! So me being the "mother" I tell them let me in to see my baby I don't care if he's hooked up to monitors I want to be in there now. Of course they let me in/us in.

He was so sleepy completely out of it. I felt so so so bad. Richie had him in his arms. They finally released him. I screwed up and scheduled patients that day so I drove back home 1.5 hours. Saw my 3 IV patients then drove right back. By the time I got there he back to his old self.

Today was a laid back day Richie woke early he ate breakfast then went back to sleep. We checked out late. Went to get some more party supplies. Went to the Filipino market then home. I am so happy to be home. I hope we don't have to do the dentist/anesthesia thing anytime soon.