Sunday, July 6, 2008


We went to see Hancock on the 4th. It was a good movie. I was suprised to hear some of the language from Mr. Will Smith. I am use to him and the pg variety of movies. It was fun to watch.

I suggest going to watch it but if you take kiddies make sure they are not the kind that like to repeat every bad word they hear.


Mindi said...

ida--i am leaving my memory of you on here--first i want to see hancock and we were planning on going to do that last night until i broke out in hives and blahblahblah--anyway. this is about you!!

the first time i remember you leaving me a comment i think you came over from tib? and i clicked over to your site and saw your picture and thought, "no way could i be friends with this gorgeous woman with the skin the color of bronze!" then i figured out your were a nurse, thus, smarter than me also, so i thought you might break up with me. but i've been stalking you ever since, and that's what makes my world go round. glad that we've "met"--i love all my blogging buddies!

Ida said...

Mindi I think I may love you, is it wrong I want to stalk you? hmmm?

Tiburon said...

Ida and Mindi - I love you both. :)

I am shocked that Will swears so much - I haven't seen it yet but he was always so big on the fact that he didn't have to swear to sell records.
That is a bit disappointing actually....

BiBi said...

Hi Ida!

We were supposed to go this past weekend. I've heard it's really good. I will for sure leave Isaac cause he does repeat everything!