Monday, July 28, 2008

I always thought

When I was younger I always thought I would be one of those women who dress up when they go to work. I would wear heels, and skirts. Or business suits. No not the 80's big poof shoulder pads kind.

But a sleek suit.

Now everyone knows I wear pajamas to work. Seriously scrubs are like pajamas. They have no shape they are forgiving and loose. Every persons dream come true huh?

Well where I work we are required to wear green scrubs. Like these

ok this picture was when I was pg with Nicholas, but you get the idea. The only thing I can jazz up at work is my hair or my shoes. But work shoes aren't the prettiest things either. So give me some suggestions on how to jazz up the green ol' scrubs.


Tiburon said...

Scrubs rock! I wear them as pj's. How cool to go to work in pjs :)

Mindi said...

i would WAY rather wear scrubs to work than anything. i used to have a pair to lounge in and i wore them so much that a little boy in our neighborhood asked me if i was a doctor....whoops.

just add earrings! ;)

Angie said...

First off you didn't mention the cute socks you've coordinated with your scrubs and secondly I would have to add some rhinestones to fab it up!! Ah heck, just relax and enjoy!! You can always put on a dress and go to church somewhere!