Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Bandanniversary Time!

A year ago my hubby got the Lap Band Procedure done. I was about to pop with Nicholas when hubby flew to Monterrey Mexico. I was so nervous for him. For one I couldn't go with him because of the ever expanding belly. We didn't tell anyone in my family because he wanted to keep it private at the time. So off goes my hubby all by his lonesome.

I was a nervous wreck. Would my hubby be OK would he do OK with anesthesia. He is in a foreign country with his limited Spanish speaking abilities. Thankfully he came through it with flying colors. He stayed 4 days, then came home to me safe as can be.

He did have some adventures on the way there. He missed his plane in San Diego so was bumped a few times. He finally got to Mexico, but that meant his car service had to be called to pick him up later. So there I call in my limited Spanish speaking abilities trying to give them his new plane arrival times. That was fun!

The procedure went well. Over the year he lost over 50 lbs. He is now at a nice 246. Yeah he is still a big guy, but a healthier big guy. He is not taking so many medications for hypertension or diabetes. He is overall much healthier. I am very thankful my kiddies will have a daddy for a lot longer.