Saturday, July 26, 2008

Once upon a time....

Don't ask me why I remembered this? Once I was waiting in the oh so popular Walmart parking lot. I was pulled over to the right side so I could allow people to pass on the left while I waited for the coveted parking spot to open up. I had just Gianna at the time. She must of been around 2-3 years of age. You know the age where they repeat all those choice words you may have said. Especially those who are four letters long. Well the person pulls out of the spot. I began to move forward but there was someone on my left passing by so I had to wait.

What does the person on the left do! Pulls into my parking spot. My damn parking spot. The one I had been waiting for. Ohhhh I was pissed. Some vato looking homeboy gets out of his car all nonchalant like. I flipped him the bird but of course not very lady like , but heck Gianna didn't know what that meant. I yelled that's my parking spot. He just kept on watching like nothing was wrong.

Now I am not a mean person, but at times I think I might be a vengeful person. I so wanted to put sugar in his gas tank. Or if Gianna was in a diaper I would have wiped some poop on his door handle. Yeah I was ghetto in my thinking. But that move meant war to me.

I do have some major anger issues when it comes to driving. It's the impatient-ness in me. Of course I didn't cause harm to his car, but in my dreams his car would have been toast.


Tiburon said...

I have SERIOUS road rage issues.