Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deep Thoughts!

So would any one actually miss us if we moved? I wonder. I know my parents would. I would not totally be out in timbucktoo or however you spell it. Would I get visitors you betcha a free place to stay in Hawaii why not!

OK so the place we are thinking of moving is called Mililani Town. It's in central Oahu about a 40 min. drive depending on traffic from Honolulu.

Richie and I need to speak with his parents regarding the current tenants. I so can not afford to buy a home there. There is no way in hell. An average home is 750K. Umm no thanks. So unless we want to live in a 2 bedroom shack in the ghetto it's not happening.

So I'll let you know the details later. I am excited to think about moving. We wouldn't live there forever. I am sure the novelty would wear off soon enough. But we are in need of an adventure.

Be back later with deatails.


Rachel said...

Oooooh, I can't believe you're actually seriously considering it! How EXCITING! I am just giddy for you. :)

Mindi said...

i have to say that you talking about it makes me sooo homesick for hawaii--that place gets under your skin, and quick!!

what a cool adventure it could be for you all!

Sara said...

How cool! I hope you guys can make it happen, it would be a great adventure!