Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Being so Little

Meet Nicholas the little spitfire.

For being so little this baby has a mean streak. Take a toy away you better believe you are gonna get a smack. Attempt to move his toys in another direction or out of the way you'll get a yell or a argh! Cave man sort of noise from this little person.

Try to get him to take a nap. He flail and thrash around the bed aimlessly till he wants to fall asleep.

He pinches, he pokes, he growls, he slaps. He's only 11 months.

But he does give some of the best wet sloppy open mouth kisses EVER! Oh and he does patty cake like nobody's business. It's the cutest thing around.


Quinault said...

Ollie gives those open mouth kisses too. But he likes to throw in a little teeth action too! So cute! But I worry how violent he will be later in life LOL